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Joy Is The Aim

Things We See

I believe that man’s final aim is joy; it is, in fact, a spiritual conquest we all secretly nourish if we are wise enough. Sometimes, in a society torn by wars and conflicts, it seems to be an impossible horizon to reach. It is completely out of reach in societies where clashes among classes are mostly common. And if we look with attention we will discover that World History is really a chronicle on wars among classes. Then joy may be reached only by our individual efforts and spiritual maturity.

In accordance to a strange design, it is a fact that only those who are stronger than the limitations of the widespread prejudices are the ones enabled to reach the most guarded secret of happiness. The image of the unrelenting warrior is worshiped by society, and the seeker is a distant image; a way of living so distant from the social papers we are educated under. Finally, joy may be real only to those who dare towards a new way of living: this might mean loneliness, on the very onset of the journey, until we become the ones who worn the laurels of joy and individual discovery.

What Is Real, Under The Sun?

I wished I knew the mystery of hatred and love. Time rides and the Truth wasn’t still shown. Emptiness seems to hold our hearts in an abyss; we urgently need a meaning to give us ground again. Until we reach the ultimate goal of our destiny on Earth, many challenges and sorrow we should endure, indeed! It’s a law! You have to touch the torns… we can’t avoid it, if we are to know happiness. The Universe is an interplay between polar energies!

I believe that a deepest meaning to Life will come only when we have the sufficient courage to say “no!”, when every one takes one’s values as definitive and unquestionable. We can’t exactly have the knowledge of the Ultimate Reality, it will only be shown to those who didn’t stagnate in their search. In Life, we should be like pilgrims headed for the Truth: we are the seekers, that’s all!


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