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What Am I Looking For?

I have been thinking about Truth and my condition as a seeker of it. Then I saw new colors. That is how it must be!

New Colors

Reality must change...

I am knocking on the Heaven’s Door

Every one of us is going to different places, looking for the most cherished gift of Happiness! Our younger days become, with age, a treasure of valuable memories; we remember, then, old lovers and friends: then we know what were exactly the meaning of the songs we loved the most. It’s only through time that meanings are unraveled and the questions we had become clearer, then.

The ones and places, we loved, remain linked to our existence, to our struggles, to our hearts and minds. They remain forever in our memories with the meanings we have drawn from moments together. They fulfill our imaginary with vivid colors and they will forever be lively meaningful. This is the significance of love and friendship!


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The World Is Turning

I know that the only thing that never changes is change itself. Changes are constant in World History,  lines always move on the map, natural disasters, too, change the physical feature of the continents. Our set of ideas and values undergo the same tones, so whether inner or objective many facts undergo what most unconsciously fear. Revolutions have the special spice of transformations, radical changes; they are fiercely fought by those who call themselves conservative. So I have the clear conviction that the waters are not the same, one mystical philosopher put it long ago at the beginnings of Western Philosophy. With these in mind, we must be patient and accept evolution: then we will not fear, for then we will taking efforts ourselves towards the natural order of things.

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